Karaoke Competition

Star Entertainment is conducting a karaoke competition!
Participation as a contestant costs nothing!
Sign-Up Sheets may be downloaded and printed by a contestant, and are available at Mosley’s (IC) and Longbranch (CR) for the contestant’s convenience.
If you have questions, please contact us at starentertainment12@gmail.com or through Facebook messenger.

Contestants will perform 3 songs for the competition and be judged in 4 categories:
Vocal Performance, Song Interpretation, Stage Presence, and Musical Variety

There will be 3 phases for the competition.  Please read below for the planned dates.  It is the contestants responsibility to be available on the appropriate dates.
Participants may NOT sing the same songs for Phase B (Semi-final) and Phase C (Final).
However, participants may sing Phase A songs in either Phase B (Semi-final) or C (Final).

  • Phase A:  Weekly contests at will be held at Mosley’s and Longbranch from 9pm-1am.  Winners each week will receive $25 from the establishment in the form of gift certificate or cash.  Winners of Phase A will progress onto Phase B.  Non-winners are eligible to compete on later nights and at other locations as many times as they would like.
    • Mosley’s  (Tuesday)
      • 8-14-18
      • 8-21-18
      • 8-28-18
      • 9-4-18
      • 9-11-18
    • Longbranch  (Friday)
      • 8-17-18
      • 8-24-18
      • 8-31-18
      • 9-7-18
      • 9-14-18
    • Longbranch (Saturday)
      • 8-18-18
      • 8-25-18
      • 9-1-18
      • 9-8-18
      • 9-15-18
  • Phase B (Semi-Final):  Winners of Phase A will compete against each other at the establishment where they won during Phase A.  Winners of Phase B will receive $50 from the establishment in the form of a gift certificates or cash.  Winners that are unable to attend their scheduled night forfeit their participation in the remainder of the competition.
    • Mosley’s (Tuesday winners)
      • 9-25-18
    • Longbranch
      • 9-28-18  (Friday winners)
    • Longbranch
      • 9-29-18  (Saturday winners)
  • Phase C (Final):  Winners of Phase B will compete against each other at the Longbranch in Cedar Rapids.  The winner of Phase C will receive $300 in cash.  Winners that are unable to attend the final competition night forfeit their participation in the remainder of the competition.
    • Longbranch  (Friday)
      • 10-5-18

The process for each Phase A competition night will be as follows:

  • 9:00pm: Karaoke begins
    • Competitors need to register for the competition on Sign-Up Sheets, which will also be available at all participating establishments a week in advance of the competition.
    • Competitors will be allowed to sing one practice song during this time to become familiar with equipment and sound if desired. Should time be available, non-competitors will also be allowed to sing.
  • 9:20pm: All sign-up sheets need to be submitted to the bar representative to be considered entered for that evenings contest.  The bar representative will write down the time that the sign-up sheet was submitted.  A maximum of 7 contestants will be able to sign up.
  • 9:30pm: Round 1 of 3 – Competition begins
    • Duration of each round will depend on the number of participants.
    • It is estimated that 5-7 participants will take approximately 1 hour per round.
  • ~10:30pm: Round 2 of 3
  • ~11:30pm: Round 3 of 3
  • ~12:30am: Announcement of Winners
  • Non-participants will be allowed to sing between Rounds when Judges are completing judging forms and/or taking a short break.

Phase B & C competition nights will be similar except that participants will be required to provide their song choices to Star Entertainment at least 24 hours in advance of the Phase.  Time will be allowed at the beginning for warm-up songs should the participants choose, or karaoke will be available for non-participants.

Important Rules for Contestants:

Employees of Star Entertainment and the business entities participating in this karaoke contest, their affiliates, contest sponsors, employees and immediate families of each, and/or anyone in a business or intimate relationship with the above, are not eligible to participate in this contest.

All contestants must be 18 or 21 years of age or older (depending on the rules of the establishment and the laws where the establishment is located) and must show proof of age.

As a condition of entering this contest, contestants must agree that they will consent to the use of their name, likeness, and all verbal and written communications with Star Entertainment and the business entities participating in this contest, including, but not limited to, print, video, and social media advertising.

Winners are solely responsible for all applicable local, state, and federal taxes. Winner may be issued a 1099 MISC federal tax form if the value of all prizes won in contest from Star Entertainment and/or participating co-sponsors exceeds $600.00.

Although Star Entertainment will make reasonable efforts to conduct its contests substantially as announced or advertised, Star Entertainment reserves the right in extraordinary situations to change or modify the rules of its contests as exigent circumstances may require. In such cases, Star Entertainment will amend the rules for that contest and broadcast the amended rules as promptly as possible. In such case, the contest will be conducted in accordance with the amended rules.

Contestants may not enter more than one time per night per location.

If there is any confusion or question about the eligibility of a contestant based on the above rules, or any already established rules by any of the participating establishments or Star Entertainment, Star Entertainment will have the final say as to whether or not a contestant may continue to participate in the contest.