About Us


Star Entertainment is a small, family-owned and operated company located in Iowa City, IA.

Don has over 40 years of DJ/KJ experience, LaShelle has over 30 years Event Planning/Coordinating and DJ/KJ experience! We have provided services and entertainment for hundreds of events ranging in size from 10-500 people and ages from 2 to 92! These include (but are not limited to), weddings, birthday parties, anniversary events, school parties, and holiday parties. We have over 500,000 songs from all genres, over 100,000 karaoke songs, and high-end Bose equipment that can fit into a small area, yet provide the best quality sound for any size space.

Each customer and event is unique. We begin by asking some general questions about your event and what you are specifically looking for. Depending on the style of the event, we have various planning worksheets that we go over with you to best tailor our services to your event.  We love making your event as relaxing and stress-free as possible while filling it with the style of music that you enjoy. We enjoy music, but we truly care about you and your event, so we will work alongside you to make sure the music we provide best suits your taste and your dream playlist! Because, this is your event, and “It’s Your Time to Shine!”

Both Don and LaShelle enjoy music from all genres (country, pop, rock, folk, etc.) and years (current and oldies)! They love sharing this enjoyment with others and understand that music is a very personal thing to many people. Their backgrounds are unique which helps provide an all-encompassing, well-rounded experience for customers.

Don has been a music aficionado since his first 45 in pre-school. Rarely can a customer stump him with a song lyric or artist that he has not already heard! (Seriously, try to stump him!)  He specifically enjoys putting together “Name That Tune” sets, which provides a fun challenge to guests attending any style of party. He also has over 20 years of experience in owning and operating businesses.

LaShelle worked as the Activites Director for the University of Iowa Honors Program for just shy of 10 years. During that time she helped coordinate and run hundreds of events ranging in size of less than 10 students to over 500 students. She has a knack for picturing the layout and timing of events, and even considers the various “what-ifs” that could go wrong so she can plan ahead and be prepared.  Therefore, guests of an event never even know if something didn’t go as planned. She has been singing and dancing for many years and was a member of the University of Iowa Old Gold Singers show choir for four years.  She is able to bring a wedding reception or karaoke crowd to life easily and keep the energy going throughout the entire event!

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